Replica Watches Dads Actually Want for Father’s Day

With an unlimited budget, how can you not go for a solid platinum Daytona? The Daytona is easily one of the most iconic and desirable Rolex watches in the modern era. A full-platinum version fitted with an ice blue dial and chestnut brown ceramic bezel is truly unlike any other Daytona watch Rolex has ever produced.
Absolutely the most watch for the money on this list. The Moonwatch is an all-time classic that has withstood the test of time. I love having the chronograph complication available and end up using it almost every time this one is on my wrist.

I feel like a great dive quality replica watches is almost obligatory to the list and at the top of that category is the Rolex Submariner. I love the classics, but I also like to be a bit different, and the 16610V hits those marks perfectly for me. The green bezel adds just enough to change it up and make it special while keeping with that classic Submariner tradition.

No holds barred, I have to go with the white gold meteorite dial GMT. It is the perfect combination of classic and cutting-edge. I love a classic Pepsi GMT, and this just raises the bar with the white gold and meteorite. That dial is the real star, and it is AMAZING! It is also a bit of a sleeper because someone who doesn’t know may recognize that it’s a luxury watch, but it isn’t immediately apparent that it commands the high price that it does.

Maybe there’s a timepiece he’s always wanted, his absolute grail watch, and you’ve finally gotten to the point in your life where you can afford to gift it to him. Or maybe he isn’t very experienced in watch collecting but would still appreciate a classy, all-occasion luxury wristwatch that will hold its value well and never go out of style. If that’s the case, you might not know where to begin your search. We’re here to help with our buying guide of rolex quartz replica Dad actually wants for Father’s Day this year.

To compile the ultimate list, we’ve called upon fellow dads and industry experts: Bob’s Watches owner Paul Altieri, our in-house photographer Justin Morton, and television writer and watch enthusiast Spike Feresten. We’re confident there’s a watch on our list that will make both dad and your wallet happy.

Speedy – an absolute industry icon; widely considered one of the best watches under $10k, and you can buy it without having to spend an eternity on the waiting list or pay multiple times its retail price.

Fact: The Speedmaster was the first wristwatch on the Moon, earning it the charming nickname “Moonwatch.” Ref. 310. pays homage to Speedmaster worn on the Moon with a similar step dial, dot over 90 bezel, and asymmetrical case.

A Rolex Submariner is easily one of the best go-anywhere, do-anything omega replica out there, and it could easily be the only timepiece that a person ever needs. The classic all-black Submariner is absolutely fantastic, but with a budget of $10k to $20k, you can get yourself something even more special. The “Kermit” is the 50th-anniversary Submariner, and it offers several different features that set it apart from all other Submariner watches.

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